View Full Version : Tree Designer, LW8.5 and OS10.3.9

11-07-2005, 12:51 PM
Is anyone else usingTree Designer with LW8.5?

I just bought the plug (plus Leaf Generator) but I just can't get it to behave itself! :(

I create some geometry, put it in a background layer, select a new layer and start Tree Designer. Activate the plug and click "manual" It generates a tree, great!

Now if I alter a parameter or two and click manual again to update one of several things happen.

1) it updates the tree, the plug stays active and I can continue to modify my tree. Excellent!


2) It finalises the model as though I'd exited the plug and the tree is no longer modifiable through the plugin. Not so good!


3) It acts like an undo and my tree disappears and my polygons revert to an earlier form!!!???


4) It deletes both tree and poly objects! This may be a more extreme version of 3.

Any thoughts or suggestions? - Baz

Darth Mole
11-07-2005, 03:16 PM
Yeah, it's a bit flaky here too. Pretty much as you've described it. I suggest an email to Mr Olas...

11-08-2005, 01:31 AM
Thanks, I've emailed Pawel Olas and he thinks it's probably due to some change in LW8.5 Did it work well with 8.3 or earlier? Are you experiencing problems with leaves generator too? - Baz