View Full Version : New user with a few questions here???

11-06-2005, 11:24 PM
I have just purchased LW 8.5 and I am running it on a Dual 2GHZ DP, with the ATI Radeon X800 XT Mac Edition, 2GB of RAM. I used to use Carrara Pro 3D upgraded from Infini-D (Its actually a good program) and I must say i think i've mastered that one inside and out with product animations and such. But I want to step it up with character anim. and all the new stuff.

-I saw Lightwave64 - Is this for 64bit systems and if so will it work with G5, those are 64bit systems.

-How does LW 8.5 work with the ATI cards. (X800 XT Mac Edition 256MB) Good I hope.

Darth Mole
11-07-2005, 01:33 AM
LW64 only runs in true 64-bit mode on the 64-bit version of WindowsXP. Until such times as OSX is completely 64-bit (the interface is still 32-bit) then NewTek will only produce a 32-bit version of LW. To be frank, if you're a new hobbyist, then you've not much need for a fully 64-bit version just yet; the 32-bit version runs just fine on G5.

You have an identical set-up to me and LW runs very well on it (for me at any rate). The X800 XT lets you use some of the new OpenGL preview features in LW8.5.

I played with Carrara ages ago, and while moving to LW will be something of a culture shock, you'll get a lot more from it. LW might not be the perfect app for character animation (it looks like XSI is the king for CA), but I think you'll find enough functionality to learn your craft.