View Full Version : Love my two Tricasters...BUT...

11-05-2005, 09:17 PM
I have installed the patch on both Tricasters and that went well. But as I began a new project on the newest Tricaster editor, the strangest thing happened. (But is anything really that strange when you have billions of bytes zipping around inside a bread box?) Well, the strange occurance was that as I began to capture footage playing from a DVCAM deck with SVideo connected to input one, I could only capture four second of material at a time. The capture would stop at four seconds and the .avi file would not show up in the bin. Repeated attemps always ended at four seconds. Well, when in doubt, power down and try again!
That is exactly what I did. When Tricaster came back on line, the capture time was unlimited. So I captures about 80 minutes of video using the chop functin to break it into smaller clips. That worked flawlessly. But then I stopped to make some brightness and contrast corrections to a few secnes...MAGIC...the 4 second limit was back. Powered down and came back...all was working fine. Thsi problem has happened several times. I can't put my finger exactly on the keystrokes that occured just before it, but reboot got it going right

Anyone else have this problem. I have to see it the older Tricaster has the same problem. More to follow!