View Full Version : SubDs level On The Fly

11-03-2005, 11:00 AM
Hi !

I'd like to get option (In new coming LW 9) to change Level of SubDs (Subpatches) with shortcut key online when TAB key is pressed and not jut current implementation (in modeler) where I always need to go to options/display panell and change it there. If I'm not mistaken modo have something like that ? It would be very usefull when having hi-poly objects so i'd quickly can turn down level of details to improve OpenGL speed since it's really slow (now) with SubDs and level 4 (even default level 3 is slow when you have 10k+ subDs so quick change to level 2 will be nice.

Same that function (shortcut) would be usefull in Layout but i think it would need to be per layer basis there like it currently works in layout through properties or scene editor. BTW why is that in layout we have per layer and in modeler only general SubDs level ???