View Full Version : Animator Wanted

11-01-2005, 07:58 AM
My usual LW guy is no longer available so I'm looking for someone available immediately for a current LW project and future projects. Nothing fancy. It very similar to one I did at http://www.advanceddm.com/clients/yorkshire.wmv.

There are 3 animations to be done like the arbor one but for gate assemblies. You'd be doing just the animation part not the whole thing with graphics and music. I already have the objects/parts as .lwo files. Depending on price, I would take care of final renders so I would need a price for just creating the scene files and for doing final renders of frames and AVIs. Obviously, scenes would be tweaked until they meet my client's satisfaction. I will provide him with low res renders during development until final approval. Please provide completion date as well.

You can view the files and step-by-step instructions at http://www.advanceddm.com/clients/gates.zip. Email me at [email protected]


11-01-2005, 09:22 AM
Although I said all the models were made I meant just the gate parts. There will be a few other models needed like a chop saw, tape measure and glue dauber. I'll check through my libraries and I'm sure there's ones available somewhere on the Net. :)