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10-31-2005, 11:45 AM
Freescale is offering their new development studio for $99 as a download vs $400 for the previous version. I have been interested in developing plugins, but really did not want to plunk down $400 and definitely did not want to spend the time with MPW (free). Until we get an Xcode version of Lightwave this seems like a relatively painless way to go.

There is also a free Learning edition (limitations?) to check out.

Do you think we will be able to develop Lightwave plugins using this updated version? Version10 still targets the Classic OS and handles Carbon just like previous versions. Was anyone using Codewarrior v9 for plugin work?

Targets Intel processors too.....


10-31-2005, 01:34 PM
Apparently metrowerks execs have let it slip that... this is THE LAST MAC version of Codewarrior*.

Ever since motorolla (now freescale) purchased Metrowerks (makers of CodeWarrior), its been suggested that this was going to happen, pretty publically, so that developers would NOT get caught with their pants down. (a good exaqmple of getting caught with your pants down, is waiting too long to get off of an end of lifed dev environment, even though you've had plenty of time to prepare for it.)

The dynamics of the situation are unclear, whether Apple's Xcode pushed CW out or, Xcode was delivered to fill the gap, but this is in no way a suprise to anybody. In Hindsight, its obvious that When Motorolla purchased Metrowerks, its focus was going to fundamentally shift away from the application developer.

the net result... if you're a developer, and you've already waited this long... Get on Xcode, CW10 is the last version, and it doesn't support the neat stuff that will let you migrate to intel.

If you're an end user... demand that the products you buy be 1st class citizens. CodeWarrior would be a great product to develop with (as Lightwave is), if it was going to survive. By the middle of next year (a mere 6 months-ish away) there will be macs that cannot run Lightwave (as it is today), and they will be running the latest generation of processors(Intel). this isn't a word processor we use, but a very processor intensive 3d program. we need every bit of power we can get.
I've been vocal about the value in supporting new technologies, and LW embracing Xcode. We are now staring down one of the consequences of Lightwave Not having moved to Xcode on Day 1. we're down to the wire, and its the end user whos really gonna hurt if everything doesn't go exactly right.

* see:

Captain Obvious
10-31-2005, 02:13 PM
Mach-O Lightwave 9! Mach-O Lightwave 9!