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10-28-2005, 05:02 PM
I just cant believe some good things in lw, and some bad things...
I love lightwave since i was 15, i started to do 3d things with 3ds for dos, and when i discover lightwave 4.0 i loved it.
Now use max at work, but still use lw at home. I want to see improvements to keep lightwave at the top line, with nothing that to envy to other apps like max, maya or softimage.
here is my list
- A solid UNDO/REDO. The undo must works for EVERYTIHNG, even if you are creating a box, or if you are in the surface editor or in timeline. Is inaceptable the way the undo works now
-A stack or history or whatever that keep your actions in modeler, so if you make a box and aply a tool you stil can go back and add segments to the box or modify dimensions
- more options in lighting, render
- upgade hipervoxels, it must to be faster and have blending in volume mode and a hypertexture soft to make smoke like from a cigar.
-make tols interactive, so you dont have to undo the action to se what happens
-real edges
-less crashes please!

10-28-2005, 06:45 PM
well, at least 2 of your requests are answered with 9.

ngons and edges.


10-28-2005, 09:12 PM
adrielmejor2005 I agree with you...

I work with 3DSMax and XSI. But I still in love with LW. The absense of stack and real Undo fonction are the biggest problems in LW.

In addition we need more control over all aspects of the software. Rendering, lightning, textures, ... At first XSI seem too complex in comparaison but after few days you realize how much this missing fonctions (in lightwave...) could improve the workflow. I will not make a list here but the LW workflow need a big change.

Hypervoxels is powerfull but some fonctions have bugs and we need more controls and a faster renderer. But no tools are perfect... I know!

When you make a space battle the object oriented workflow(Lightwave or 3dsmax xref...) is great but when you have a complex character rig to do, a scene oriented workflow(3DSMax, XSI, Maya,..) is far more better.

Finally the Network render system look prehistoric. In comparaison of Max and XSI one.

I really love LW... And I want to help Newtek to make it better...

I have began a list of request maybe I'll post it in few days.