View Full Version : "Content Disc" fixes

10-27-2005, 11:45 AM

If time :) if you could fix the Content Disc that ships with LW9.

Example, this one doesn't load properly
C:\Program Files\LightWave [8]\Content\Scenes\Classic Content\Particles_and_Dynamics\fxabom.lws

I looked here, but it only partly helped as I had to use default emitter settings, which looks different.

the files are there, and looks cool, I guess all that's needed is a small fix on the files.
(Running LW8.5 - Win2K)

Hmm, strange, in this case, the file above seems to be the same as this one below provided under the "_Features" directory. Strange. (and this one works, even stranger..hehe :) )
D:\Install_LightWave\Scenes\_Features\Particles_Dy namics