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10-27-2005, 12:36 PM
:help: Is there tutorials out there on how to setup screamernet on Linux nodes with Windows XP as the master computer?

10-31-2005, 03:33 PM

11-14-2005, 02:40 PM
I'm running LWSN.EXE under Wine on FreeBSD. I haven't tried the Linux render module (I want to keep everything at a nice, healthy 8.5, and it appears the Linux renderer isn't kept in parity with the "supported" platforms).

I'm running a fairly basic setup, but it works like a champ (memory management is considerably better).

Oh, forgot the details... This assumes a considerable amount of knowledge re: LightWave, its config files, system administration, etc. Basically, I'm going to assume you've made this work on Windows before. Ask questions if you need to.

Basically, I set up my FreeBSD system to export the filesystems via NFS _and_ Samba.

On the Unix side, mount the filesystems via NFS, setup and configure Wine. Make sure that under Wine, the drive mappings match your Windows setup.

On the Windows side, mount the drives via the Samba exports, taking care to make sure drive mappings match what you did with Wine.

Now, I use Lightnet as my render controller, so YMMV.

On the Windows system, fire up lightnet, put it in "Master" mode, and pull up the option screen. Set the location of LWSN, the config directory (by default, these will be in your Windows "home" directory, so you may need to copy it to your network share), the "commands" directory (which will contain the JOB and ACK files mentioned below)

On the FreeBSD systems, I run "wine D:\\PATH\\TO\\LWSN.EXE -2 -cD:\\PATH\\TO\\CONFIG_FILE -dD:\\PATH_TO_CONTENT D:\\PATH\\TO\\JOB\\FILE D:\\PATH\\TO\\ACK\\FILE".

The "D:" should be replaced with your drive mappings, and note the double back-slashes are intentional, so by the time the "wine" layer sees it, its in the d:\path\to... format that the Windows applications expect (shell escaping).

The job and ack files need to be numbered for each machine uniquely. Using Lightnet, it uses Jobx as the job file, and ackx as the response file (where x=node # of the machine).

Make sure your scene files are set up to render to stills (e.g. TGA, PNG, etc), as Network rendering can not go straight to video files (e.g. AVI).

As Wizardry 1 used to say... "Murmur, Chant, Pray, Invoke!"

If you run the copies of Wine and then start up your master lightnet and scan for new systems, all of the Wine processes should be found.

If not, I probably missed a detail, or you need an example :)