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10-24-2005, 10:41 AM
Hello All,
I am writing this post in hopes of contracting a designer to do a Lightwave Project. Freelancers and Companies are welcome to bid.
I am part of an organiziation with global influence. Our goal is to have created a 30-45 second scene using Lightwave. All story boards will be submitted to the interested designer for proper project quoting. We run Lightwave here in-house and would like to keep the workflow as such hence the reason for the request. Who better to propose this to then this community. As a main point of the project it will include the use of flowing water and/or other viscous materials. So your knowledge of water and dynamics would be key. Anyone using Realflow would also be invited. The project must be completed by June of 2006. If this seems like something you may want to partake in please respond or drop me a line at
[email protected]

Thank you all,