View Full Version : UVMaker for Lightwave 9

10-23-2005, 09:43 AM
simply a way to automate the UVUnwrap via Cloth concept.

say, a button opens an ogl window you can set to your standard views (Perspective, etc). and within the window you can define Seams by selecting edges, seperate those edges and manually move them outward, or snap to a defined UV Edge - IE the creating Endomorph section basically. Maybe even adding a section to alter the weights o the Edges for more control. Then run a striped down 'clothfx' on them to flaten them (something that only does this and doesnt have to worry about interactions with particles, effectors etc). then create a UVMap from the data...


I have to say i'm amazingly satisfied with the clothFX Unwrap idea so far, its worked very well (although for the most part the models havent been too complicated really).

I think with some streamlining, THIS could be the ideal UVMap creation system for the future of lightwave...

Or is it just me? :-)

- Will.

10-24-2005, 12:05 AM
I just used wings3d to unwrap a humanoid and I liked it. I really didn't have any real experience in uv map preparation but even I could do it.
It can unwrap your model automatically by the seams that you predefine and create an output image all in very short time. It can also try to undo the stretching in your uv maps.
I don't think it is as good as lw modeler in modeling, but I would recommend giving it a try as an uv editor. It also happens to be free. :D