View Full Version : Render Status... Moving "object"

10-21-2005, 10:22 PM
There is probably a simple answer to this, but my question is about how lightwave renders.

In my render status window there is a brief description of what is going on, eg: "rendering polygons". The scene I am rendering now takes about 2 minutes per frame to render.

About 5-10 seconds of that is "rendering polygons" and another 10 seconds is, according to the status window, used to render some sprite volumetrics. The vast majority of the time is used in a process the window describes as "Moving My Object. layer 1".

The same object is not reported as being moved in each frame. And there is nothing animated but the volumetrics.

My question is why is the object being moved and why does it take so long to move it. Is this a function of how lightwave renders transparency, soft shadows or some other bit of sparkly nonsense I could do without in order to reduce my render time.

Any advice will be appreciated.