View Full Version : To Freeze or not to Freeze

10-21-2005, 08:39 PM
Here it is , i have a really heavy scene , hight sub patch levels , alot of image maps , Ect... , so far just with 1 charactor in my scene f-prime renders with no problems but when i do a lightwave render - lightwave cant handle it . So i tried freezing my model in modeler , i switch back to layout and lightwave renders with no problems , But! when i try to animate my model it deos not deform like it did when sub patches were on , yes i know - triple the polys - i did , i have a very fast computer and am very fimilar with lightwave , but for the life of me i cant figure this out .

10-23-2005, 01:13 AM
I would freeze any objects in your scene that arent being deformed. Freeze them at a low enough subpatch level to give a reasonable but not crazy amount of polys. I would leave your character subpatched or it will not deform nearly as nicely as it did when subpatches were on. If the character is pretty poly heavy reduce the display subpatch level drastically in layout. Also try lowering the bounding box threshold. Close the graph editor if it is open. Turn off show motion paths and show keys. All of those tend to slow things down. IF you have to, make a lower rez proxy version of your character to animate with and swap it out with the higher rez version when youre ready to tweak the deformations. :)