View Full Version : 1 machine, 2 users, plugins lost for other user

05-06-2003, 01:07 PM
Is there a way on a multi-user machine (I'm dayshift, he's nightshift) to have their own prefs that actually load for us both?

I have no problem when I'm logged in and use Lightwave, but when I log out, and he logs in, he has no plugins or lscripts and has to manually load them. If he quits modeler and comes back later, they're gone again.

How can 2 people on the same machine have their own prefs? the cmdlines point to me, and if I manually change them to point to his account, then he has plugins and I don't.

We just both want to have all plugins and lscripts load everytime we run the program to avoid loading them manually.

Any ideas?

Julian Johnson
05-06-2003, 02:54 PM
There's a feature in Lightwave 7.5 when you use the Hub that automatically puts the location of your Lightwave Extensions 3 Prefs file into the Layout and Modeler cmdlines. This seems like a bad thing because, as in your case, if you log in as a different user Lightwave is looking to read and write to a file that sits in another user's 'User/Library/Preferences' folder and is probably read/write protected.

I guess a very simply way to stop this happening is to open up the cmdlines, remove the whole -p string and then write protect the cmdlines so that nothing else gets written into them. If you have the hub enabled you can completely delete the cmdlines and resolve the problem that way. In both these scenarios [no cmdlines at all or write protected cmdlines with a simple -0 in them], Lightwave has to look in the current users Library/Preferences folder for it's preference files. This would make it easy for you and your co worker to use different prefs on the same machine.

There are three other solutions I can think of if you're unwilling to write protect or delete the cmdlines:

1. Is it possible to make your co-worker have read/write access to any files within your Users/Library/Preferences directory? That would enable you to share the same preferences without write protecting the cmdline.

2. Use the cmdlines to redirect your preference files to a single shared location, say the Program folder of Lightwave itself. Since this is available to all users there won't be any problems reading/writing prefs and both users will have exactly the same set up.

3. If you need different configs then another more arcane way to do it is to duplicate Lightwave and Modeler in the Program folder and call the duplicated apps Lightwave_Bob and Modeler_Bob [where Bob is the name of your co-worker]. Create cmdlines called Lightwave_Bob cmdline and Modeler_Bob cmdline in the same directory and use the redirection syntax of -c and -p to point these to a subfolder in your Programs folder called 'Bob's Configs'.

That way you can both use Lightwave on the same machine - one clicks on normal Lightwave and one uses Lightwave_Bob and each can reference different plugins, menu layouts and keyboard shortcuts (if required). This method is way more elaborate than the others, though.