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10-20-2005, 10:02 AM
Community Profile - Wes Beckwith
Wordware Publishing, Kurv Studios, SpinQuad Community, FriendsOfNewTek.com

Wes Beckwith first became known to the LightWave community at large as the editor on an ever-growing series of books on LightWave 3D from Wordware Publishing. Since then, his interest in and influence on the community at large has grown, first as a co-founder of SpinQuad Community, a LightWave-centric forum and resource, with William "Proton" Vaughan, then with the creation of FriendsOfNewTek.com, a site for LightWave artists to learn about and publicize LightWave user groups in their area. He is also the founder of KURV Studios, a company that produces the largest library currently available of DVD-based training for LightWave [8] and other CG content creation applications. We recently talked to Wes about his entry into the 3D community and his ventures to help foster it.
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