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10-16-2005, 10:05 AM
hi all,
docs are clear but i cannot get good results with Content Manager.
I simply want to save a scene and all its items, images etc, in anoter dir.
Most of the times it saves just objects and images, not the scene so i've to replace manually all items and images in a copy of the original scene.
I't not clear what "externals" are, and how to use setup panel.
I'd like a step by step help to get done.

Paolo Zambrini

10-16-2005, 08:41 PM
Well, lets see if I can. Externals are files that are not in the current content directory. So if you search your hard drive for a texture and you load that image. Lightwave will point to that file from the root directory of your drive. This is very similar to how programmers and web designers use absolute and relative addresses. An external is an absolute address while anything in the content directory is relative. Therefore c:/documents/images/photo.jpg is an absolute and /images/photo.jpg is relative. Using the content directory you can easily transfer the reative address to another computer but an absolute address may not be so easy, especially if the location does not match, for example if the files were placed on a cd that cd maybe drive d: not c:
In layout there is a small program called content directory, this program can create a content directory for you. When you first open the content manager you are given the option of consolidate only or export scene. Consolidate will copy the externals to your content directory so they are relative. Export scene will create a new content directory and copy all files to that directory making them relative.
Once you decide what mode you want click ok, then click on externals to highlight all the externals. Now you click on set path, this will then ask you what relative path you want to give it. Now the status should say local this means it is now relative. After you click ok a message should appear asking if you want to save the scene and objects. click yes and your done.
Remember images are saved with the objects and the objects are stored in the scene file. This is why they need to be resaved.
Hope this helps,