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10-14-2005, 04:30 PM
a few questions that i can't seem to figure out....

-1. why do some of my models run so much slower in modeler than others with the same or higher poly counts?

i.e. i have a model of a character and the open gl is fine in modeler, but when i try to edit the mesh in any way, it takes about 2 secs to update the movement, and results in pretty much an uneditable object....this does not improve at all even when i hide all the rest of the mesh except for the one poly that i am editing. the thing that confuses me is that rotating the object and such seems to work fine, without any slowdowns....the slowdown only occurs when i am trying to move a point. I have another object with just as dense of a mesh that I am able to edit just fine, even without hiding any polys...any suggestions?

-2. I have another model that is giving me some problems as well....the thing here is that when i select the points of the model and go to point info panel, on the dropdown list at the bottom, it says that the points have a metamesh/metaball value attatched to them.....i don't think that i ever converted the mesh to a metamesh....but say that i did by accident at some point without realizing it....how would i go about removing this attribute from the polygons? with most attributes like that you can just go to the map panel and select the corresponding vertex map and then delete it, but i don't see any such option with metaball influence....

I know that this second question isn't worded quite correctly, and i am sure that it is a little confusing to read, but if anyone understands what it is that i am asking, and knows of a way to correct it, it would be greatly appreciated.

sorry for the unneccessarily long post....thanks for any help.


10-16-2005, 09:01 PM
Not too sure about the first problem see if most of your ram is used up like a lot of programs running in the background, or if you applied images to the objects. Things that would reduce the amount of ram you have for modeling.
As for the second problem press w and make sure you are in polygon mode, this will tell you how many metaballs you have, by pressing the + you will select them. Now just delete. Finally look over your object and see if any polygons are now missing, because you can use the points for metaballs to create a polygon at the same time.
Edit: BTW Metaballs can slowdown your modeler.