View Full Version : Beginning Promo Project w/ Legos. Advice needed.

10-14-2005, 10:11 AM
Hello, everyone. I am beginning a project for my campus TV station, I want to do a 15 second promo for the station ADvertising its call letters basically. "KNWT"

What I want to have happen is, start the scene, with a single lego type block falling from the sky and bouncing on the ground a bit when it hits in front of the camera. THen the cameras pulls back a bit panning up slightly, as a whole butt load of lego blocks fall from the sky on to the ground. After they all fall and are done bouncing around briefly (as they would in real life), they are going to pull together (almost like a magnetic sort of pull), and form the letters KNWT.

It's a fairly simple concept, I just wanted to get your input on techniques to use during animation to make the process of controlling a jillion of these blocks somewhat less stressfull. Also, how to make the blocks bounce off the hard ground surface realistically.


10-15-2005, 11:37 AM
Bump? anyone?

10-15-2005, 05:35 PM
I' not into dynamics, but the only thing that came into mymind is to set up the end of the scene, explode the logo (with dynamics), render it and play the scene backwards. But I think it would not look real....

10-15-2005, 06:43 PM
The tough part (I think) is forming the lettering from the fallen Legos. There's probably a way to do it with dynamics, but I'd probably only use dynamics to drop the Legos, and then use a morph from a Save Transformed Object of the fallen Legos to form the text. To explain:

First, set up the mass of Legos falling, colliding, bouncing and settling down. This can be done by creating a Lego object of each color you want, using Random Points and Point-Clone-Plus to create a mass of them, and then using HardFX, Collision and Gravity to animate them falling from the sky, bouncing and settling.

Once you've got the mass of Legos falling, use the Save Motion in the Hard FX=>File panel to save it out, allowing you to offset the motion by however many frames you want the mass falling to lag behind the single Lego falling. Then, add the single Lego, set up the Hard FX (Collision and Gravity are already setup for the mass), and Calculate that.

Once you've got the single and the mass falling, bouncing, settling, etc., COMMIT TO IT, and save the scene file. Then, use Save Transformed Object on the mass and the single, saving them as new objects. Combine them into one object in modeler.

Then, use Modeler to create a Morph, and manually shift the fallen Legos into the text.

Finally, to render the entire scene, add the morphed / transformed object into the scene, add the Deformation plug-in Morph Mixer to it, and dissolve it 100%. Use a 1-frame dissolve to change between the fallen legos and the morphed legos, then use the slider in Morph Mixer to form them into the lettering.

Ta da! How simple can you get! ;-)


P.S.: Here's a sample scene file that might help. Remember to select the Dynamics tab under Object Properties and press "Calculate" to get gravity to be calculated.

10-16-2005, 11:11 AM
Thanks for the reply. I will play around with the morphing thing a bit. I'm still stuck using Lightwave 7 for a couple more months, so I dont' know how much stuff you said applies to that older version, but its a good start at least. Thanks for giving me some diretion to go in.

10-16-2005, 03:05 PM
I'm on V8.2, so as you say, many of the things I suggested may not be available. Sorry!