View Full Version : New Viper!

10-13-2005, 05:56 AM
Thanks again NT for Backgrounds in Viper!

Some requests please:

Can you please give us the ability to set the frame range in Viper seperately from the Timeline?
Calculating alot of pfx, many times I need to do a certain # of precalculation frames to get the shot 'up to speed'.

For instance, the actual shot is frames 100-150, but the actual calculation with precalc is 50-150, so I have to change the timeline range.
Then to test in Viper, I have to change the timeline range back to 100-150 to see the correct shot without the precalc.
Ok, test done, I want to do another calculation, so I have to go back to timeline, change back to 50-150, calculate, change timeline back to 100-150, Viper...repeat. It slows down workflow when doing numerous tests and calculations ...so, please allow input boxes for frame range in Viper :)

Also, can we have Viper conform to correct pixel aspect ratios when using PAL or HD resolutions? Many times, the HV tests are not correctly lined up with the background image because VIPER is stuck at 4:3.

Another nice feature would be the ability for Viper to resize without losing the last preview. Many times I do tests at low res and would like to see them a little larger, so I have to save out a preview, load it up in QT or WMP and enlarge it. Wouldnt it be nice if Viper acted like Media Player or QT and just resized the preview so there was no wasted time saving, loading and playing?
Viper seems to do this with stills now, but it would be great for preview anims... :)