View Full Version : LW8-SN manual and Win XP don't play well together!

10-12-2005, 10:33 PM
I am using LW 8.3 on an HP single Pentium4 with XP pro, SP1.

I set up my content on a mapped drive (Y) in preparation for sending a job out to a render farm. The contents of the Y drive seem to be linked properly and work fine when I render a test. While I was waiting for the test I figured that I was half way to setting up a render farm... I would map the drive that contained LW 8 and see if I could speed up my test using ScreamerNet.

Following the directions in the LW manual immediately revealed problems setting up the SN. When I tried to map the "Lightwave [8]" folder (C:/Program Files/Lightwave [8]) I encountered an error messge stating that the name of the folder that I was trying to map contained illegal characters. Changing the name of the folder to "Lightwave-8" cleared that error message.

When I tried to map the folder to a drive (to X) all of the "map drive" option check boxes were grayed out. An information box stated that the folder was not available to map because that folder was used by the operating system. Pretty much a dead end here.

Where do I go from here? Pretty weird that letting LW install at its default paths would yield such an unhappy computer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I will check out Matt Gorner's tutorial but the manual frames that as an "alternative" method. The simpler the better in my case.



10-12-2005, 10:56 PM
Just an idea. Anyone at Newtek ever consider writing a Wizard to configure ScreamerNet.

The Render Farm service that I am using had a downloadable wizard that created a mapped "Y Drive" to configure the client's scene contents to match their required scene content structure. Seems like something similar should be possible with SN.

It should be less painful to set this stuff up.

Eh? Newtek.


10-12-2005, 11:15 PM
To map a drive on another computer, you must first go to the other computer and set up sharing so other computers can see that computer. This can be done with just a folder, so you can keep the rest of the drive secure.
Once sharing is done, it may be necessary to reboot one or both systems so the network will see the other. Now do a search for the other computer, Once you find the computer you should be able to double click on the icon until you reach that folder. Right clicking on that folder should provide you with the option to map network drive.
One last note, for both computers to see each other, they must be on the same workgroup. This can be changed by right clicking on my computer and selecting options. Now select Computer name tab. Click on the change button. At the bottom where it says member of, select workgroup and type in a name, this name must match on the other computer or they will not see each other.