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10-12-2005, 09:04 PM

Has anyone else tried to load an image file such as a Targa image(With an irregular shape such as a logo) and tried to add a border/edge? I have tried this in all 3 versions of the VT that we purchased, from the original VT(3), to VT(4), and now the recently upgraded VT(4.5), and still have to add a border/glow either in Aura or photoshop.

Even on the VT edit timeline, neither a border or edge can be added to a Targa file (Following its shape). Instead we get a 4x3 rectangle with the Targa file centered within it's borders. This is especially frustrating when the client hands a logo to you for the project at hand and time matters the most.

We have 1 AVID, 1 Discreet logic, and most recently a fleet of Pinnacle Liquids in house and the VT system is the only one that can't add an edge/border to an image file without launching another application. Being a long time Newtek fan, this is particularly heartbreaking when trying to show up the in-house editing competition.

I had originally submitted this as a feature request when we had VT(3), well before VT(4) was released, let alone VT(4.5) and it's not been implemented. It can't be that difficult to enable. In the Discreet logic edit* CG for example, one simply clicks on "Edge", tell it a size, softness & color value and your done. I find it hard to believe that the VT, which comes with such a full featured package (Lightwave 3D, Aura, VT edit, etc) does not have the ability to add an edge/border to an image file as a simple click and go feature.

If anyone has ran into this problem, I would be interested in learning what your workaround is, and if you too have contacted Newtek regarding the matter.


Ron V.

10-13-2005, 04:18 AM
I haven't felt that bringing it into Aura is a big problem but you could try setting the Shadow so it appears to be a border. I didn't try this but it seems like it would work, just make it opaque and select the color. About the time you do this you will decide that Aura is the better option because this may bog the system down quite a bit depending on what you are running. Bob Tasa has a Glow plug in that may do the same but I'm not sure and it would affect everything above it.


10-31-2005, 05:10 PM
This is a "weakness" in the toaster cg program in my opinion. Aura is a fine program...but wanting to put a shadow around a .tga file shouldn't be a trigger to start another program. This should be a basic feature of the toaster cg.