View Full Version : 8.5 OpenGL card surprise

10-12-2005, 06:15 AM
Well, after reading about the 8.5 OpenGL 2.0 enhancements I had a look around to see if I could update the GeForce4 card in my mac G4 for a card with OpenGl 2.0 support, found some guy that was taking ATI Radeon 9800's for the PC and putting a Mac rom in and resetting the rom for a G4 so I took a chance and bought one (not going to G5, I think apple will come up with some hot new mactel machines for 3D, apple already advertising for 3D and OpenGl programmers), then the horrible disappointment 'not supported on the Mac', anyway stuck the card in and to my surprise there is an improvement, before when animating a boned character i could only see the bones animating in real time, now I can see the whole character move in real time when I press play. Well, something is better than nothing.
One question for NT, are the openGL 2.0 features built into the Mac versions of LW? If apple were to add the drivers tomorrow would the Macs be able to instantly use the new OpenGL 2.0 enhancements for LW? Or have the feature been completely left out of the Mac LW code?