View Full Version : LW9 and Hypervoxels...

10-11-2005, 01:06 AM

Anyone know if major changes will be done on hypervoxel in LW9???

Hypervoxel is a greate particule shader. But it have some big problems. First It's slow (very very in some case), it create artefacts when camera go too near (It's bad... very bad...) and the workflow could be updated (I have to copy my setting over each objects in my scene.. Better to have a list of object for each HV node...) And the impossibility to use the sames particules for two shader is a limitation.

The only thing I know about LW9 and HV is what they said in the features list ......

Allows for fast rendering of large numbers (order of 1 million) of simple volumetric particles

Thank You!