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10-10-2005, 06:24 PM
Im havent started the update process, but from what ive read in the past you need to copy your key and some other files (config files for menus, plugins etc) to make that transition smoother, is this right??? I know i should read the manual but i dont have it with me at the moment and figure there will be people out there thinking the same as me, so im wondering if any one could/would create a step by step update process for a complete reinstall of 8.X and then update it to 8.5?


10-11-2005, 04:40 AM
The files you want to copy are lw8.cfg, LWhub8.cfg, LWM8.cfg and LWExt8.cfg. These store your settings and can usually be found in your Documents and settings>yourusername directory. You may also need to copy any 3rd party plugins if you're going to completely wipe your old install out, though if you just install over the top, these SHOULD remain intact.

10-11-2005, 09:32 AM
Since you asked... here's what I did:

Since releases sometimes contain issues, I need to be able to fall back to a previous version - and disk space is cheap.

Step-1: Copy Directory Lightwave[8.3] to LightWave[8.5]
Step-2: Install over Directory LightWave[8.5]

Since I don't want to keep installing plugins or copying personal content, I have a directory on D:\LightWave\ where I keep all 3rd party plugins, MyContent, Videos, etc... Important Note:plugins that ship with LightWave I leave in the C:\Program Files\LightWave [x.x]\ folder because you sometimes have to rescan that folder for the shipped plugins when a problem arises. NT Tech-Support has asked me do this. Now I always do it after an installation.

I also create a directory called D:\LightWave\Configs\ which actually contains folders called 75c_configs, 80_configs, 82_configs, 83_configs 85_configs (I created the 85_configs by copying 83_configs folder).
I save my MenuSettings and KeySettings for Layout and Modeler in here.

To use these configs I have a shortcut with the following as the target:

"C:\Program Files\LightWave [8.5]\Programs\modeler.exe" -0 -cD:\LightWave\Configs\85_configs

"C:\Program Files\LightWave [8.5]\Programs\lightwav.exe" -0 -cD:\LightWave\Configs\85_configs

(Notice I use the -0 in order to start without that nasty Hub - it runs faster)

You can setup shortcuts to run each version of LW - in case something serious is broken and you can't wait for a fix/release.

Final Note: Some 3rd party plugins state that they should be installed in the "native" installed folder. At least their documentation states that. I personally haven't run into any (FPrime sure works ok in D:\ ) , but keep this in mind if something begins acting funny.