View Full Version : selling VT [3], DFX4+, Aura&LwExpress...

10-10-2005, 06:26 AM
Sorry to post it here, but i think there are maybe few of you who know some studio or friend who needs VT Hardware and Software. I work now 1 Year with it and it was great, but we have some money problems here right now...

The big Box is here in Germany and contains:

- VT [2.5] + [3], CDs, cables, card
- DFX+ 4 (with all modules!, worth alone some $ 1300)
- Aura, LWExpress etc which commes too in the bundle,
actually what you see in Shop, but with DFX4+ additionaly

All this for EUR 1200,-, please contact me via email ([email protected])
If US sending, than it can cost maybe some 30-50 $, but it is no problem.

thanks in advance

igor posavec