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10-09-2005, 04:36 PM
I use 3dsmax at work, but I think to buy Lightwave for home small business.
Ofcourse, I would buy 3dsmax but the price kills, you know what I mean... ;)
The main factor why I want to use still 3dsmax is I get accustomed to this soft,
and I found/created ways to quick perform my job. If I could find similar ways in
LW there would be no obstacles to buy it.
1. equivalent of modifier stack from 3dsmax - I create spline, then add extrude, later
UVW mapping, and in any time I can modify spline without timeconsuming creating
new mesh or modifing existing mesh that could be damaged in siginificant modifications.
Ofcourse I have got still active UVW mapping, so I don't have to map my modified mesh again.
2. Snap like in 3dsmax or better
3. Equivalent of Vray - it would be the best if the builded in renderer has similar quailty and speed (speed could be

much better)
4. Ability to import dwg/dxf 2D sketches and show it without errors (except fonts) in viewports
5. Showing different bitmaps in different viewport as background

Thats my all needs from Lightwave :) PLease, let me know if this program can do it, if so - there will be new user for not so far time :)
Best Regards.....raviz

10-09-2005, 05:59 PM

There is no Stack in LW... I really like LW but after 5 years of work in 3DSMax, I can said 3DSMax have a better modelling work flow. Forget the stack for LW... It's a big Lack. Very Big...

The snaping tools are not efficient as 3DSMax ones... And modeling on layers will be difficult for a Max User.

The rendering is old but very simple to use. And with only 3 lights you can do a great pictures very fast. If you purchase FPrime, you will enter in a new world. Realtime rendering and texturing. Only pixar have something better... But Vray have the best displacement engine...

For the dxf ... I don't know.. Sorry!

In the modeler you can have different picture for background. But in Layout ... nothing.

Lightwave is a good tools for FX... Hypervoxels is impressive. I mostly work in FX and I use it often. But for a Modeler, the stack absence wil be deceptive. LW could be very very powerfull but it's better to understand is limitations before buying it... Personnally I really like LW but you have to try it at first.

I appologize for my bad english...

But Stay tune beacause LW9 will began to resolve many of this problem...

10-09-2005, 06:12 PM
Max & Autocad are owned by the same company and they don't wan't you use an "Outside" app with Autocad. The dxf format is a problem for all "Outside" apps including Lightwave, it's better to complain to them about that :D

You might want to see if there is a better program than autocad, at least one that can import/export in different formats.

or you might get lucky and find a good 3d file converter.


10-09-2005, 08:09 PM
Donít use the dxf fomat it never transfers right. If ya want it from going back n forth from Max/LW use .obj. The mesh will stay in quads and transfer perfect. LW is better for sub-D poly modeling. Splines in LW are better use if you plan on using them to start a mesh then become poly modeling.

Ya there isnít a stack like in max, but the layers work nice to save your steps. As for UV mapping LW surfaces work differently but you can unwrap objects using all the modeling tools and the unwrapped UV map can be sub-D so your maps will not have any distortion. I do know the new Max 8 has pelt-mapping and that pretty powerful.

In the new version LW we will finally get N-gons and edge selection, plus it has node based shading. Check out the Siggraph-videos to show what 9 can do.

Also as said up above F-Prime for rendering is amazing. :lwicon:

10-10-2005, 09:57 AM
Well, you can get the Lightwave/VUE bundle, and buy XSI Foundation, and you'll have everything you'll need to do what you want. XSI has your modeler stack, and Lightwave has an easy to use texture and render pipeline. They both have decent particles, and Lightwave has the hard and soft body goodies that is somewhat lacking (foundation doesn't have hard body dynamics) in XSI Foundation. XSI and Lightwave play pretty well together, and if you check out Mark Wilson's PointOven at ef9.com, you can practically make everything transfer that you need to from Maya, Lightwave, XSI and Max.

You'd only be out about 1300 in the end, and why not toss Zbrush in there too. You'd still be below half of what you'd pay for MAX.

When LW9 comes out, there might be less of a need to have many tools for one thing, but until then, 3D is cheap to use, and there's nothing wrong with being familiar with different apps.

10-10-2005, 12:22 PM
Thank you all for answers. It seems I will have to wait with buying Lightwave unless it will get the functionality I mentioned earlier.
Best Regards......raviz

10-10-2005, 12:25 PM
Modeling in Lightwave is going to have the same standards as MAX, but there maybe some slow downs in workflow. I use m-o-d-o for all my modeling now and it's fab. As for everything else, the LW renderer is a full precision renderer and it's based on real physics and is far superior to vray. As for everything else, it has it.