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10-07-2005, 03:24 PM
Hi all,

back to Lightwave after a couple of years off (basically, a freelancer screwed up a project for us in Maya and I promised the client I could redo it in 2 weeks, so I bought a new copy of LW!) Everything's going great (which, from what I gather from some of these posts means that I must not be using too many features) except for network rendering, which is working just fine, but insists on producing .flx files for which I can find no conversion utility. I searched the forums and found a number of similar posts, but nothing with a conclusive answer.

One in particular from '04 said that a photoshop plugin would be part of LW8. If so, where is it? The LW manual suggests importing as a backdrop and rendering. Seems a bit teadious if I have to do it every time, but if this is the only way, would someone care to talk me though exactly what I have to do?

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10-07-2005, 05:05 PM
Okay, the reason that Screamernet is producing FLXes is that you don't have the path to your plug-ins set correctly, which will cause you other problems, especially if you want to use shaders or the like. However, we can swiftly solve your flx conversion problem since that is what you asked. Load up your LightWave, load up your sequence of flx images, set them to be the background image, set your camera to the same size (or smaller or larger, as you like), don't turn on antialiasing, set your output to be whatever format you'd like and match the number of frames in your image sequence, hit F10. Should be done in less than a second an image... :D


10-07-2005, 06:09 PM
Thanks Ben,

I'll try that as soon as the current test render finishes. The instructions I used to setup screamernet are:


Are these not correct? There was no mention of plugin locations in this faq.

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10-08-2005, 03:06 PM
Ben (or anyone else out there ;-),

rendering out though lightwave works fine, but with one caveat that I haven't found a way to work around. Irrespective of what I set under image options for alpha (enabled or disabled) I am unable to get the background that was rendered in the original. I already have fairly complex After Effects setup that requires versions of the render both with and without the backgorund which I can easily extract from a QT file; with Lightwave not seeming to pass the background through, I am unable to do this.

Regarding the paths to the plugins database, I've edited the cmdLine file to include "-p "Macintosh HD:chriscj:Library:Preferences" but to no avail, I still only get .flx files.

I was hoping to used computer down time over the weekend to render all of this, so any help is certainly appreciated!

Take care,