View Full Version : small but important Preset features

10-07-2005, 03:15 PM
i little thing that hypervoxel need, is a more powerful preset system.
when hypervoxel read preset it ask only if you want to change particles size, but is not enought. i would like to see an intelliVoxel panel that record scale and percentual of every parameters, when you load preset intellivoxel read that and when apply on voxel, it adapt all parameters to new size.

when you load voxel, and especially volume preset, many parameteres are linked to size, if you load parameters setupped on 1meter size, and apply on 5 meter sized particles, you result is dark and weak, if you apply it on 20cm sized particles you see an overexposed and bright particles.

idem for surface, worley's sasquatch have a good idea for fur lenght, they save a percentual parameters that are related to the size obj. you can save and reapply parameter from a bug to mammuth and the result is correct.

if you can save a surface preset that are recorded with an absolute value e and relative (percentual parameter base on bounding box), you can reapply surface from little creature to a dinosaurus without problem of rescale every single layer.

is not a complex work, you must change the kind of parameters, but not many other complex parameters.
what do you think of that idea?