View Full Version : cloth fx problems

10-07-2005, 03:14 AM
Is there a reason why cloth fx would not work on one side of a symmetrical object (scan error) ?

I have a bat like wing with a cloth like membrane that i want to stretch using cloth fx as the wing flaps. I have it working well on one side, but when i apply cloth fx to the other, mirrored side of the wing i get a scan error.

Both sides are geometrically identical as i mirrored them in modeler. Any tips ? This is very frustrating.

I also tried separating one wing out into a new file, so the left and the right are separate .lwo files, and while the error went away, it's not simulating some objects of the left side. Lightwave's motion designed in version 7.5 was also behaving erratically, was hoping 8.3 would fix this with the new dynamics, but i guess some old problems still remain...