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10-06-2005, 11:58 AM
Hello, all!

Since quite a few of you have gotten the Lightwave/Vue 5 Infinite bundle, I wanted to post this here for your info. It's been a long, hard slog, but we're finally glad to announce the official re-opening of the Cornucopia3D store!

I wanted to try and answer some of your questions up front in order to avoid problems:

1. You will need to re-download any materials, atmospheres, and plants you purchased previously. Before installing them, please delete the previous versions from your Vue folders. Materials and atmospheres are not encrypted. You can alter and save materials and atmospheres. Plants will remain copy-protected as the e-on extra plants have always been.

2. You may need to re-download any objects your purchased previously. If you've had issues with them in your Vue installation, go ahead and do that.

3. In order to download previously purchased content for a different version of Vue (you originally purchased it for Vue 5 Esprit but now you want to use it with your Vue 5 Infinite), do the following:

a. Ensure you've registered your other versions of Vue with the same registration at e-on that you use @ Cornucopia3D. If not, and you have several registration IDs @ e-on, please put in a support ticket at e-on. We can't help you with that @ Cornucopia3D.

b. Go to your account page and view your purchases. Click on Detail link at the right and you should be able to change the download version to one of the other versions you have registered. Then download and install.

4. You now have the option to purchase copy-protected or non-copy-protected content. Please pay attention when you are placing your order; there will be a small drop-down box where you can select the version you want. You will be charged accordingly.

5. You are entitled to a $20 voucher towards purchasing content in the Cornucopia3D store as a result of registering the Vue 5 Infinite that came with your bundle. Please ensure you've followed the instructions on how to register at e-on.

Thanks very much for your patience and support while the Cornucopia3D staff and e-on tech team worked on getting changes implemented both in the store and the content. We took the survey results very seriously, and hope this makes your experience with Cornucopia3D and the Vue 5 family even better.

(If you do have any issues or questions, we ask that you come over to Cornucopia3D and post in the Store Talk forum. We really can't provide detailed support here. Thanks!)

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