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10-06-2005, 07:44 AM
I thoroughly respect how responsive the new dev team is :thumbsup: to their userbase, and I'm just as certain they have a slew of requests for cad file import functionality. I'm going to add another one along with the following quote I read elsewhere related to the recent Autodesk announcement.

LWG Discussion Thread (http://www.lwg3d.org/forums/showthread.php?p=100073594#post100073594)

From autodesks point of view every designer is a vfx house producing virtual flythoughs, that equates to every architects practice screaming out for an easy way to turn plans into reaistic inages and scenes for DVD and client preview. All in all theres a much bigger untapped vfx industry around cad users than most people could guess. Add on the fact that Cad have deliberately mixed 2d and 3d information as part of the file export ( ie things like contor data plotted as 2d vectors with NO z data required) means they have a cornered a 3d market where most of their users want a simple in house pipeline rather than much messing about converting cad to externaly usable formats.................While most 3d apps are chasing the glamour of Holywood hits, Autocad has realised that industrial visualisations are the real BULK market for 3d.

CAD is eveywhere. The sickining part of this is CAD users allready feel they can "do 3d" with results that mostly look 10 yrs out of date..................they have a Massive global market already that through shear weight of numbers will become the defacto product for general 3d work.
they need only create a few cad>3d wizards to please most of their users

I real terms I see this as the days of earning a living from 3d being numbered for many of us who use LW,
Rather than extra bells an whistles LW NEEDS solid import export features that are at very least compatable with cads mixed format DXF, Its that or sooner or later we become the isolated few who are incompatable with cads "new world order" as they serve up instant 3d for dummies to thier existing users.

Continued success working on [9] !

*edit: found this neat link to demonstrate: