View Full Version : Can't add Dynamic Object

10-06-2005, 06:15 AM
Hi all

Got a bit of a problemo that I have seen reported a few times on various LW forums but am yet to see a solution that works for me.

I have just installed Lightwave 8.3 on a dual layer Mac G5 running OS X 10.4 and in the layout items tab, the dynamic objects option is greyed out. All the other plugins seem to have installed fine, and I have tried re-adding them, and re-installing the program. I have tried installing the program on another machine [G4 powerbook running 10.4] but still no go. I donít appear to have a add_dynamic_object script in the PLUGINS/LSCRIPTS/INTERFACE/LAYOUT folder. Should there be one there? Has anyone else experienced this? If I keep yelling stuff at the monitor will this quirk correct itself?

cheers in advance