View Full Version : Can Targa format Alphas render in RGB on MAC?

10-05-2005, 03:34 PM
I have been working with LW for many years on a PC. Recently the FOX affiliate I work for bought it for our MAC's. And we are still doing some projects on Quantel Editboxes.

Problem I am having is that when I render a sequence and split it into the alpha and fill channels I want the alpha's to be 24 bit RGB targas. I set up to alpha output to "LW_TGA24bit" and it renders the images greyscale. The Quantels don't like greyscale, they're very picky.

On the PC there was no problem, they would render RGB. Am I missing another setting on the MAC side?

To work around I have to take the sequence into After Effects and spit them back out RGB, not too time consuming, but I'd rather not have the extra step.