View Full Version : Lightwave Distribution

Nicolas Jordan
10-01-2005, 10:15 AM
I think the current state of Lightwave Distribution options are poor. Please correct me if I am wrong about my options fro getting Lightwave. I live in Canada and I have a Lightwave dealer in the city I live in but I prefer not to deal with stores, why? Because when I went in to preorder Lightwave 9.0 and get Vue Infinite 5 they said they would have to wait until after the end of August because of thier books and stuff for the year and said they would take down my info and order it in the next few months. I am not upset at the store because business is business. I would simply prefer the option of ordering Lightwave over the website or the phone and have it shipped to my address in Canada and I dont care even if it costs $50.00 for shipping I would rather have it shipped otu so I dont have to wait on the stores or deal with stores.

I have seen how other companies do thier distribution like Luxology andf PMG for Messiah. For messiah you can have it shipped anywhere in the world for free plus other shipping options as well and Luxology gives u the option of download version of having it shipped.

I just want more control over preordering and getting products when I want them.

And the online ordering on this site makes no sense. I went to try and order lightwave on the site and if u select any other country besides the U.S. to ship to it only gives u 2 U.S. shipping options. Why are there so many countries listed as shipping options but u can only have it shipped to a location in the U.S.?