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05-03-2003, 07:32 AM
Is there any way to model a chainmail ? if there is any tutorial for this please give me the link...thank you

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05-03-2003, 08:41 AM
2 ways

1...texturing...the fastest but not good for closeups

2..modeling...actual geometry but S**tloads of polys

for modeling

take a shirt...any shirt
resize to 100.5%
tab it then freeze at about a 8 or 9 in settings
do a bevel but use the numeric panel
settings of '0' depth and a '.5' inset (play with the inset number for the thickness of chainmail ya like)
now without changing the polys that are selected after the bevel
click off the bevel button (so it will reset) and do another bevel with numeric panel.
settings '.5' depth and '0' inset
delete highlighted bevels

you now have a full shirt sized chainmail suit.

if ya want larger holes.....use less of a freeze setting - 5 or 6

play with a square poly first as the poly count goes sky high fast and a slow machine will take a while to do and to redraw.

also as chainmail isn't always used as a full suit, if ya want to do sections of a suit that fit just right then highlite the polys of a copy of the section ya want to do...
say just a shoulder pad, just copy the polys from a shirt that ya want to do and pasted those polys into another layer and follow above directions.
when ya bring results back to original layer it will fit just right where ya copied it from and ya will see the original shirt thru the holes.

for texturing..

UV the section ya want to place the chainmail

take that map to photoshop make new layer.
using the line tool make as many horizontal lines and verticle lines as ya like across map using a silvery chrome color.

drag original layer to trash can.

flatten image and save as the color map (chainmail color)

now make the chainmal into greyscale and add some noise (small settings) save this as (chainmail bump)

now make the 'holes' black (neg or whatever settings that will turn it black and the lines white).

save this as (chainmail transparent)

photoshop is done

in layout use these pics for texturing under the correct buttons
for the UV map ya setup.

you should now see your object with a painted chainmail with holes thru.

hope that helps

05-05-2003, 09:17 PM
For real close-ups you`ll need to model the flattened rivet area on the links. For a saracen helmet I did a few years ago I modeled the rings and then path cloned them around the helmet. Looked great, but my computer colapsed on the ground, sweating and panting for breath: there were one or two polys involved! :D