View Full Version : Kudos to NewTek

09-26-2005, 09:33 AM
I've had my tricaster for just over a week. We've done 2 live productions and now a weekly sports show. The tricaster has behaved in just the manner it was supposed to. And on top of that; the on-line support has been Top Notch.

We use an Avid Studio HD editor and some Adobe products, and have gone round and round with both companies trying to get problems fixed, missing deadlines because of system bugs that have stopped us in our tracks, and frustration from the famed "We don't have anyone else reporting this" answer.

This is our first experience with NewTek, and they have won a customer for life. Just in the limited communication I've had, Paul and his team at NewTek really care about the customer and getting it done. They have produced a solid product that is right on track with what the market needs.

Thanks to NewTek...