View Full Version : HELP! I'm a complete newbie

09-23-2005, 08:48 AM
Hello all!

I'm currently starting to learn LW8 as part of development within my company, and I'm struggling to make any head way.

I work for an architect company in Scotland and whilst a colleague of mine is quite advanced now (& occassionally busy), I am about to start something completely new! Everything about LW looks amazing, however everything I read or look up seems to require an element of prior knowledge to the programme.

I was wondering if you kind peeps could maybe point me in a starting direction. And when I mean direction, the very basic direction - everyone must of been here at some point! Just so I can get to grips with this beast of a package, I think I'm currently trying fly before I can crawl......Help, please!

09-23-2005, 09:16 AM
Looks into the books like

Inside Lightwave [8]
Lightwave 8 Essentials
Lightwave 3D[8] 1001 Tips and Tricks
Lightwave 3D Texturing

There are others, but these are the books I have atm.

There is also

Don't forget Newtek's video tutorials, the manual also.