View Full Version : Segment memory and MAC screamernet?

05-02-2003, 03:36 PM
Small problem....
My config files on all nodes, especially the correct Preferences>Library folder have my segment memory set to 90 megs, yet when I render using Screamernet the nodes all use 3 segments....when they should be rendering at 1.

yes, theyve got enough memory!

So where is it actually reading the config file for screamernet if its not rendering correct?!


05-02-2003, 04:44 PM

^@$!^^$!!!!%^* I am SO sick of the hacks that are a program called LW!

I rebooted, double checked the prefs, and did a test...well...now the host with a node renders 1 segment, but the other computer with 2 nodes (dual cpu) renders 3 segments still....WHAT THE F*** is going on?!

The 2 nodes are seeing the correct drive, correct directories, and even scenes and objects....but still doesnt read the correct config, right? otherwise it would render 1 segment!?

ya know, i love LW, i really do, I just really hate this crap....why must EVERYTHING with LW have SOME problem?!?!

I hope to god that 8 is written better.:mad: :mad:

05-02-2003, 07:19 PM
Oh i feel yuor PAIN :)

I even didn't get my screamernet to work :(. I tryed few times but i just hate all that moving, maping, replacing configs and so many text lines like i'am working in early 90's and pure DOS :(.

I reall hope there will be easyer setup (imagine that you need to surface model with commandline like "makesrf -c RGB 56 78 98 -d doublesided ....." - that's similar how screamernet works now?? It's just to damn long to setup it and for me totaly unconvinient :(. Any muse point and click network render setup guys :)?

05-02-2003, 11:00 PM
I just fix this problem on my computer. If there is mistake in the command line it will use LW's default of 8MB to render. My problem was that I had left out spaces in the command line. (-2-c) It should have been (-2 -c). -c should point to where your config files are locate. By default this is located at Users:username:Library:Preferences.
It uses the information from the LightWave Layout 3 Prefs for the segment memory.

this link has step by step guide to setting up screamernet. It also has a better way of setting things up, one I wish I would have know the first time I setup LWSN.

www.the-worms-of-art.com (http://www.the-worms-of-art.com)

Good Luck