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09-22-2005, 05:50 AM
With the festive season fast approaching ive been busy making a snow scene, well i actually managed to finally finish a scene of falling snow recently after I failed to complete it last year before the end of christmas.

Well I found the following tutorial:


And the final outcome looks really cool (get it!), but following the instructions I can not get the texture to look like the one in the tutorial.

Anyone able to offer any advice in spirit of the upcoming festivities :)

Just realised I havent said what im looking for, does anyone know how to create a good snow texture, similar to the one in the tutorial? Or am i just doing something horrendously wrong.


09-22-2005, 05:35 PM
I'm assuming you mean for the ground rather than the snowflakes?

I seem to get pretty good results by setting the Luminosity to 20%, and using various large-scale Procedural Textures as a Bump Map at 50% bump. Using a scale of (100,100,300) on the Procedural will elongate the Z axis to give the wind-drifting effect, but you need to adjust the scale to fit your object size and camera distance. You can also adjust the Bump percentage to get more or less effect.

Smoky1, Smoky3, Turbulence, Coriolis, Dented, Hetero Terrain, Puffy Clouds, and Turbulent Noise all give interesting, slightly different results, even with default setup parameters.