View Full Version : Baking interior radiosity for realtime apps

09-21-2005, 06:09 AM
I would like you to tell me some hints for setting up an interior lighting scene for baking it for use of a realtime application like a 3D game (e.g. Max Payne). Also this would be applicable for slow scrolling architectural videos. I would use FPrime if that's possible with volumetric lighting. The aim is photorealistic and there shouldn't be any angles that look fake, because of the nature of realtime first-person.
I read some Otacon's hints and I'd like to know if inside ceilinng area lights are the only way to go to fake realistic radiosity inside. Render time isn't too big of a problem here, because of the baking.
The first test scene would be small, but high monastery study room at day with only one high window, pale yellowish concrete walls and no straight light to study desk. The aim is to make the study look natural and the texts in the table readable in this lighting. Also viewer can look around when the baked texture is put into realtime viewer. Possibly using multipass.

Do same things as http://www.lwg3d.org/forums/showthread.php?t=21052&page=2&pp=25 here apply for also this type of scene?

- Cedox