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09-16-2005, 04:15 PM
A couple o' questions concerning real-time geometry brushes and sculpting brushes

Is there a brush or a tool that is similar to the Airbrush except that this time, I can utilize it for scultping and re-shaping original geometry instead of just morph maps? If anyone has used Maya's Artisan real-time scultping brushes, this would be within the same concept. I know that the magnet tool is useful to my cause here, but the problem with the magnet tool is that it doesn't exactly work like a brush; in that it isn't as dynamic as a real-time brush because one must relocate the fall-off of the magnet everytime a user wishes to work on other areas of geometry.

Speaking of brushes, I was also wondering if Lightwave has geometry brushes of its own that work in similar fashion to Maya's Paint Effects brushes? For example, I know that Magic Bevel in Lightwave is a real-time stroke-based beveler in which one can use to instantly stroke out continuous geometry from an object. However, in Maya's Paint Effects, a user can stroke out (with fall-off and pressure sensitivity) actual geometry using specific brushes. In Paint Effects for example, a user can simply choose a grass or hair brush so that actual grass geometry or hair geometry can be stroked out in real-time.

I'll appreciate any help and feedback, so thanks in advance. :rock:

-Rachel D.

09-16-2005, 07:23 PM
The main tool I use is the dragnet tool. it's hotkey is ';' (semicolon) and with it you can rightclick drag to resize it, and leftclick drag on a point, to drag it and surrounding CONNECTED points along with it. It's basically a Move tool, which has been set to the PointRadial falloff type. A lot of the tools in LW can use a number of falloff types, for example, the shear tool is again just like the move tool, only set with the linear falloff type.

Another thing you can do is take your object, add a morph target, use the Move Plus tool (in the Modify>Move>more section) and rmb drag so that all your object's points move along their normals, inflating the object.
Once this is done, either go back to the base morph or make a new one (which will have it's points positions reset to the base). You can then select the Airbrush tool (Map>General>Airbrush) and in the Numeric panel, set it's Vertex map to the inflated morph. Then as you paint over your object, it will bulge out where the Airbrush goes over it. I usually do this in another morph, so I can return to the base object shape at anytime.

LW's tools in that area are a lot more flexible than a lot of people realise!

As for painting geometry, there's Meshpaint, a third party plugin which can clone in realtime a number of background objects over your surface with various controls. It's complex, but very cool.. It actually builds geometry, so it can be poly intensive.

Also, one of my favourites is HD_Instance, which doesn't actually paint objects on per se, but renders a selection of objects over a surface. The number and size and rotations of these objects can be controlled by weight maps. It is useful as little geometry needs to be in the scene when you're animating, it is only when you render that they show up, so it's good for flowers, trees, or even an army charging over a battle field.
Have a look here:
The instances use the animation of the original, so it's very versatile. Absolutely recommended for everyone at that price too.

As far as LW itself goes, there's point-clone plus, which will copy a background object to every point in the forground, or the Paste Tool which adds a new object (previously copied) when you RMB click, which you can then position using LMB drag (as opposed to the paste command, which just pastes an object to where you copied it from)

So nothing quite as sophisticated as maya's paintfx tool (which i am a little envious of, I'll admit!), but quite a few tools which can be adapted to get similar results.

09-17-2005, 02:45 PM
Thanks Dodgy! I'll check out Meshpaint. It looks like something that I would definitely use a lot. Thanks. :)

- Rachel :lwicon: