View Full Version : Manipulating NT25 files

09-14-2005, 01:56 PM
Hi folks... I'm trying to do two separate things with a NT22 file (a live output recorded to the TriCaster hard drive via 'Record Output'. The files play just fine in Windows Media). Neither one of them is working at the moment, but it's possible I'm either taking the wrong steps or don't have the right software (including, possibly, the new codec). Any help, even step-by-step instructions, would be appreciated. The PC in question is a P4 2.8 with 1 GB or RAM, running a fully-updated WinXP.

1. Burn the files to DVD. With the 'native' NT22 file, both Roxio and Sonic DVD burners have crashed Windows. (What DVD burning has worked for people?) Once I pulled the file into 'Edit Media' in the TriCaster and selected 'Prepare for VCR' (these are two-hour games -- eesh!), the closest I've come is a video output without sound.

2. Encode the files using RealProducer. Again, the closest I've come is video with no audio.

Am I doing something wrong? Will the new codec fix everything, and make life wonderful again?

Thanks for the help.

Steve Clay

P.S. I had originally said 'NT25', but I see that RealProducer thinks that my files are of format 'NT22'. What's the difference?