View Full Version : Macroform aligner equivalent

09-14-2005, 12:42 PM
Is there a third party plugin out there that handles aligning as well as the old Macroform plugin written years ago by Lyle Milton now at project Messiah dating way back to Lightwave 4.0? I know that there is a align plugin included in Modeler, but its still not up to par with what Macroform can do.

If there is any old Macroform users out there that have found a 3rd party alternative please let me know, because I still install Macroform everytime I run modeler. Kind of a pain because of the new interface changes a few versions ago, but thats the only option. I have even tried to email Lyle for a few years over at Messiah hoping he would update at least that plugin, but I never receive an answer. To bad because its one of the greatest plugin ever made, the entire range of plugins in Macroform were awesome most have been replicated but the aligner plugin stands atop the mountain still.