View Full Version : Lets Network And Share On IM (MAC USERS!)

09-13-2005, 11:12 AM
Ive been using lightwave for a couple years now and have found that being a mac user I feel a little left out on plugins and such. also I dont know many lightwave users personaly. I have a good friend who works profesianally in graphics like myself and we feed off eachother all the time using instant messenger and we answer eachothers questions etc. Im looking for more LW mac users to have as friends and be able to IM with questions or just style frames etc. I work professionaly on graphics everyday here in los angeles and can possibly help in other areas as well.
if you are interested my website is www.pjfidler.com Iam mainy a painter illustrator but love doing motion. feel free to IM me anytime and we can start networking my IM is pfid666 and my name is P-Jay
hopefully I get some responses.