View Full Version : Render errors with Mesh Replacement plugin

09-12-2005, 03:58 PM
Hey guys, I've been trying to render a mesh sequence in LW 8.3 using the latest plugins from NextLimit. It seems that whenever I render a sequence, the first frame looks great, but every frame after that is screwed up. The lights stop seeing the object as transparent and all shadows go opaque. Also, double-siding gets deactivated. It seems that the replacement objects are not loading the surface correctly from the reference object. If I go ahead and save the objects manually with the correct surface and turn off the plugin in the displacement panel, it renders fine. However, there are 500 objects and it's quite a dense mesh, so I can't just load them all at the same time and save them out.

My question is two fold. Does anyone know anything about this error with the plugin? And, I've heard of a plugin that NextLimit used to offer called surfrep.p that would replace the surfaces on a sequence of objects. I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone have this? Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance.