View Full Version : VT 4.5 and SR 5.5 problem

09-10-2005, 02:13 AM
When I installed VT 4.5 update my SR does not start. When I have VT 4 SP 1 I had no problem. So I tried to reinstal system with VT 4 - start SR - perfect. Thaen I install VT 4.5 - SR does not start. I tried to reinstall SR and relaunch 3rd party, remove VideoToaster.rzf from SR direcrory - all can't help me. Also Blade 2.0 does not start with VT 4.5.

Where problem fathers of VT?


Pete Draves
09-10-2005, 07:11 AM
there is not much help. You must remember that in-sync, the company that made speed razor and blade has been out of business for a almost 2 years.
I used to use razor exclusively, but, now find toaster edit much better. Even though I used to present for razor at the nab shows. I have found better programs. Toaster seems to have the best selections to do things now.
Razor is now Dear.