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09-08-2005, 03:03 PM
I'm totally new to animation and have been rigging a character, I'm doing weightmaps for the bones. Everything seemed fine except some areas didn't seem to get and influence from the bones and got left behind. At first I thought I'd either forgotten to assign a bone to a weight map or I'd missed some polys when assignining the weight maps. I couldn't find any problems with the above and realised that I hadn't set my object to subdiv last. So I done that and it seemed to work. My question really is that when I looked at the object in Layout with bone weight shade on it showed some weird grey areas that were exactly where I was having the problems. So what are these areas? I thought they might be where there's no weightmap applied, but looking at the weights in modeller they seem to be fine.
Also is it me or is Lightwave really bad at applying weights. I find it really rubbish that if you've got an area that has a certain percentage of weight on it. When you add a new weight it uses additive values so adds that % on top of what was already applied. Why can't they have it so if you enter -10% it gives that vertice a value of -10%?

Just editing to say Itried the bone twist mode to try and change the pitch on one of my bones. Done this and then bones went all dotted. Realised I needed to reactivate them but now none of the bones seems to effect the mesh in anway and I have no idea why.

Thanks in advance

Pete B

09-08-2005, 04:03 PM
You can use the info panel to edit weights on a value basis.
You might want to try using Vertex paint too, as it allows you to bend your bones and see what points are dragged along with it, as well as other features.

The bones system in LW is actually one of the best I've seen. You can have a weight map per bone, or one weight map for as many bones as you want, or no weight maps at all, or a mixture. You can edit your mesh and Lw will do it's best to match the values or interpolate them properly. You can cut your object into bits, weight them individually and then paste them back together to make things easier, and all sorts of cool things.

I usually work without weights, but for game systems which require weighting, doing it in lightwave is really quite straightforward.

09-08-2005, 08:25 PM
Well you are right. Both the bone weights and the airbrush tool are additive. If you want control of whether it is additive or not vertex paint I believe has a choice as to how it is applied, you can always set it to erase and it will write over the old map.

If you are going to use vertex paint you might want to check out the manual.

Also load an object into it and then close vertex paint as a test before you save your object. Check to make sure you have all of your maps. It was deleting some maps last time I did this. Don't know why so be careful.

The way you load a model into vertex paint is through File/Import/Vertex Loader. You choose the scene that has the object and bones and then choose the object. I can't remember if it will work on a regular object with skellegons or not. But if there are no bones the wieghtmaps won't show up. I don't remember how it works with skellegons so maybe someone will jump in on that.

Vetex paint is pretty cool. But I don't use it.

I use the Set Map Value on selected points or polys. This works in erase mode.

Also if you want to use any of the other wieght tools, use the clear map function if you want to apply weights to an area fresh without being additive. Just make a selection and then clear map.

The whole point of point weighing is to have precision control of how the vertices are pulled with the bone. So I just go on a point by point basis, selecting loops or groups of points or even one point at a time to get the values I want.

Also just an interesting thing to note. Think of bones as a rotate/move/scale tool for points. For rotation, all the points assigned to that bone will rotate from the bone's pivot - of course to the degree of the value. Something to think about when you are tweaking.

As to the grey areas, don't have a clue. I think it is mainly a display problem. That mode slows my computer way down so I don't use it.

09-09-2005, 09:07 AM
Cheers for the replies.
I think I'm going to stick with just clearing the maps and adding a new value to those areas. I've heard that vertex paint has a few bugs in it so I think I'll steer clear of it for now.