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09-08-2005, 09:10 AM
Heres a question for all you NewTek People, and TriCaster Users alike!

Is it possible to create ANIMATED lower thirds(or any overlay for that matter)? This would be incredibly helpful and useful for our TriCaster needs.
I have figured out the basics of custom overlay creation, I can edit and create my own without and trouble now. Animated lower thirds are hanging me up however.

I was able to "fake it" by chroma keying a looped video of an animated lower third and placing it over a live camera feed to create the look of an animated lower third, and then placing an overlay comprised of a transparent bk.tga and a text item on top of that. This is sort of a viable workaround in that it appears to be an animated lower third, which you can still edit text for on the fly. However, this eliminates our ability to use a green screen live, because we already are chroma keying the VCR video loop.

A problem I am running into is that I am not sure where the TriCaster is being told to look for the bk.tga. This file is a vital part of all overlays, but the initilization.toaster script files do not reference it. The TriCaster must be told in some other config file somewhere that this is the proper syntax, right? Perhaps it could be told to look for a sequence of images instead of a single one? Or even to look for a gif instead of a tga/png? That would enable us to make an animated gif(which is still a single file) instead of bk.tga. We have lots of canned animated lowerthirds from an editors toolkit which export into avi, png sequences, or tga sequences. I am unsure as to how we can utilize these however.

Has anyone attempted or had success doing this, or something similar? Or NewTek, Is there a better/faster/easier way to accomplish animated overlays?

Any input would be much appreciated.

12-28-2016, 02:41 PM
We are in the process of converting an After Effects project template int the tricaster that has animated lower 3rd graphics and we are also very interested in an answer to this question..

12-28-2016, 03:02 PM
We are in the process of converting an After Effects project template int the tricaster that has animated lower 3rd graphics and we are also very interested in an answer to this question..Hi Roberto. This thread is rather out of date, but let's try to catch it up to modern day.

TriCaster can, of course, play an animation, even very long ones, in it's DDRs. So, a pre-rendered looping title would work ok there; but it wouldn't be 'live editable'. You could use two DSKs to work around that, displaying an editable title page over top of a looping animation. In similar fashion, you could convert a (looping or otherwise) animated background into a pre-compiled Animation Store effect (using the included Animation Store Creator application) that can be played from an animated Buffer slot. Again, add an editable title page in front of this animated background, and you're in business. Using a Buffer has some advantages, notably in the fact that you use them without tying up a DDR you need for longer form video playback. On the other hand, you can't run long form video as Animation Store effects. These consume graphics memory, and thus need to be some short number of seconds long only.

Otherwise, of course, there are external CG solutions that can do all manner of things, sending the output to TriCaster with embedded alpha using NDI.

12-28-2016, 07:44 PM
We use the ani-buffer approach and it works very well.

You need the Animation Store Creator to turn your looping video into a file to install in a buffer.

Another approach, with NDI, would be to use Adobe Premiere. There's an NDI tool that will take rendered video playback and make it an NDI source from Premiere CC (and After Effects CC, too, if you'd prefer to use that).


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