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02-15-2003, 10:56 AM
If your looking for a real time encoder with a top of the line editing system and DVD burner check out this system I am trying to sell:

For Sale: Top of the Line Production Editing System

COMPUTER SPECS: Dual PIII 933mz, 1 gig RAM, Matrox G400 Video Dual Head, DVD-ROM 16x, Network 10/100, Full Tower Case (with lots of cooling fans), 1.44 floppy, Adaptec 39160 SCSI Card, 18 gig SCSI C: drive, 18 gig SCSI F: drive (backup), 18 gig SCSI D: drive (audio only), 72 gig Ultra 160 SCSI G: drive (video only). Pioneer A03 DVD Burner. Windows 2000 Service Pak 2. All harddrives have cooling fans on each drive, plus the video drives are in their own case with cooling on all drives and cooling in the case.
EDITING SPECS: Digisuite LE PCI card with the MAX card for a full digisuite LE MAX system including firewire I/O. Video and Audio breakout boxes for component, Y/C, and composite I/O. Editing software includes full Premier 6.01 and Speed Razor 2000X.
SOFTWARE SPECS: In addition to the editing software mentioned above, the system is loaded with: After Effects Production Bundle 5.0, Photoshop 7.01, Illustrator 9.02, Media Cleaner 5.1, DigiUtilities 7.0, Boris FX 6.1, Boris Graffetti 2.1,
Cool 3D 3.5, 3D Impact Pro 1.24, Digital Juicer, Bryce 4, and Photo Impact 3.0, Crystal Graphics Topas 5.1.
Photoshop Plugins: Eye Candy 3, Extensis Photo Frame 2.0, Extensis Photo Tools 3.0, Kaiís Power Tools 3 and 5, Total Xaos = Type caster 1.15, Terrazzo 2, and Pain Alchemy 2.

This system is a working system and is ready to plug and play. Our studio is currently using the system until sold. All hardware is fully transferable to new owner. All software is pre-loaded, tested, fully functional, (except Crystal Grahpics Topas 5.1, and underline items are transferable to new owner. The Digisuite LE MAX is a near lossless system producing high quality video and multimedia effects and output.

Price: $5000 plus shipping.

Call: 503-524-1780
Email: [email protected]
Address: CVP Multimedia Studio
8375 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy.
Suite C
Portland, OR 97225