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09-03-2005, 04:01 AM
I've been doing some test renders to see how to composite everything into Combustion. I've been exporting a PSD file and importing it directly into my app of choice. The problem then is that once I do, I can't get the **** thing to come close to the original rendered output.

My question to whoever reads this is what order and what is their layer type set to?

Specular Color
Specular Diffuse
Diffuce Color
Raw Colour

I know that some of these are set to Screen, but after playing around for hours, I'm almost ready to pack it in.

09-03-2005, 05:27 AM
I don't use compustion but I remember Stranahan a while back posted a video for Fusion that show how to get the correct image from the exported PSD file, apparently one of the layer settings is incorrect and you have to fix it in your compositing packabe.

Also a great site to learn the ins and outs of combustion and working with psd files is cmiVFX (http://www.cmivfx.com/). Chris has great prices on his DVD's, Check the free Tutorials to check out his training style.

09-03-2005, 05:57 AM
Now this took some tracking down... I couldn't find a direct link anywhere on the Newtek site and there are some goodies here.


Second from the bottom is the one on Multi pass rendering. Hopefully it will help

09-03-2005, 12:02 PM
Thanks, I'm going to check out the link right now.